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Invite employees









Manage transportation policies







Keep track with reporting







Online & App booking




Easy for your employees
Book from phone, no cash
needed, automated receipts
and add trip references on the fly


Control over expenses
Full trip and invoice overview,
apply expense policies,
receive policy breach notifications.


Effortless administration
Add or remove employees
in bulk, set expense policies
based on location, spending
limit or time of day. 


Available cars on map
Available cars on map before bookings is placed in online booker.
Separate levels of access

Add different user roles, with different view, edit and access rights. Ex. Finance department can see invoices, reception can only place bookings.

Automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing. The invoice is sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with flexible payment terms.

Invoice overview

List view of all invoices sent to corporation.

Create digital vouchers

Create digital voucher codes and let the system send them on SMS to a user.

Employee management

Manage employees, enable / disable account and manage restriction settings.

More employee restrictions

Possibility to add new restrictions to employees. i.e. Flag booking if price > X, if no expense note is added; if booking is outside office hours etc.

Invoicing specifications.

Set up invoicing on employee, department or company level. (The business will receive an invoice specifications on employee, department or company level).

Restrictions for employees

Possibility to add address rules for employees. All bookings placed outside approved geographical area are flagged, and the corporation gets a warning that a company policy was broken.

Trip statistics

Trip statistics on corporate level.



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